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Dear All Sysnetians,

At the outset , let me wish you the very best for the approaching festive season and may you have a great time with family and friends.
We also hope that SYSNET scales new heights and we continue delighting our customers. In our business, we know that customers are key.We have to ensure that we continually offer the very best customer service and always put our customers first. We are a living extension of our company's brand, so we need to bring the values to life and deliver directly to customers as it will be appreciated being talked to clearly and concisely. Listening to feedback from them and measuring the long-term impact of the services that we deliver, should be a fundamental part of our business.We need to go the extra mile for them.It’s through the word of mouth that we build our reputation . And lastly, we have to monitor our competition. In terms of customer service, the quality of the service we provide should at least be the same as that of our competitors.
Remember, if we’re not taking care of our customers, then our competition will. And the customer’s perception is our reality.

Sonia Duneja


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